20 years experience in the Hospitality Industry, including Catering for corporate and private functions and our love of our Greek Heritage has bought about this web site.


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(A 20% surcharge applys for Pubic Holidays & New Years Eve)




BBQ and Salads  (sample only)


       Freshly Cooked BBQ Chicken Yiros on the Charcoal

       Freshly Cooked BBQ Lamb Yiros on the Charcoal


       Greek Salad with Marinated Olives and Feta 


       Beetroot, Pine Nuts, Spinach, Pomegranate & Chickpea Salad



       Zucchini & Feta Balls with Minted Yogurt


       Marinated Capsicum with Coriander



          Tzatziki Dip with Fresh Mint


       Taramosalata Dip - Cavier



       Pita Bread on the BBQ


       Freshly Baked Turkish Bread



2. STAND UP PLATTER STYLE  (sampe only)

         Marinated Capsicum & Feta on Bread

         Char grilled Lemon & Herb BBQ Chicken Mini Souvlaki

         Greek Salad in Cups with Feta & Balsamic Glaze

         BBQ Aged Lamb Cutlets with Greek Marinade

         Zucchini & Feta Balls with Minted Yogurt

         Chargrilled Lemon Pepper Calamari Mini Souvlaki with Lime Aoli

          (if total amount of guest exceeds 80 please ask about our special discounts)



more to come.......






Home Made Dips - tzatziki, eggplant & feta, taramasalata & more

Turkish bread/ Pita bread

Marinated Chilli Calamari

Marinated Octopus

Greek Olives/ marinated herbed olives/ chilli olives

Greek Feta with olive oil and oregano

Marinated Eggplant with Basil

Marinated Capsicum with Coriander

Vine Leaves stuffed with rice & herbs - Dolmathes

Fried Saganaki Cheese with olive oil & lemon

Zucchini & Feta Balls with Minted Yogurt

Spinach & Feta pastries/ Cheese pastries

Tomatoes/Eggplant stuffed with Herbed Rice

Roast Potato with Lemon & Oregano

Roast Vegetables with Rosemary


Fried Calamari 


Authentic Home made Moussaka




Our Homemade Salads



Mesculin salad, feta, Kalamata olives, Tomato, Cucumber & Fresh Basil


Roast pumpkin, Feta & Spinach

Pumpkin, baby spinach, Spanish onion, basil, Feta cheese, balsamic and olive oil


Marinated Chickpea & Baby Spinach

Chickpeas, Spanish Onion, Parsley, Red Capsicum & White Vinegar Garlic dressing


Black Eyed Beans & Dill

Baby Spinach, Fennel, Black Eyed Beans, Onion with Lemon dressing


Watermelon & Greek Feta

Feta Cheese, Fresh Mint, Watermelon with Mint & Olive oil dressing


Greek Potato Salad

Potato, garden parsley, spring onion, lemon & olive oil dressing


Baby Beetroot, Chickpea, Ricotta and Spinach

Marinated Chickpea, Baby Beetroot, Spinach & Red Wine Vinegar Dressing


Greek Cabbage & Fennel

Cabbage, Sliced Fennel, Capers, Red Cabbage & Rocket Salad with a White Wine Vinegar Dressing


Honeyed Ricotta, Pear and Walnut

Ricotta baked in Honey, Pear, Rocket Salad and Caramelised Walnuts


Greek Beetroot, Pomegranite, and Pinenut Salad

chopped beetroot, pinenuts, pomegranite, Balsamic and Olive oil


Fig & Kefalograviera Cheese Salad

Roquette,  fresh figs, semi dried tomato, kefalograviera cheese & pinenuts


Potato and Bacon

Potato, Crispy Bacon, Spanish onion, Parsley with a Whole Egg Mayo


Mediterranean Pasta

Bow Tie Pasta, Semi Dried Tomato, Black Olives & Fresh Basil


Lentil & Spinach

Lentils, Chickpea, Blackcurrents, Fresh Mint, Carrot & Spinach in a Lemon & Cumin Dressing


Green Kale, Quinoa and Feta

Green Kale, Greek Feta, Cranberries, Quinoa and Lemon Dressing



cracked wheat marinated in lemon & olive oli, parsley, mint, tomatoe and cucumber








On the BBQ



Whole Lamb on the Charcoal Spit

Marinated Lemon & Herb Chicken Souvlaki 

Lamb Fillet Souvlaki 

Marinated Lemon & Coriander Prawn Souvlaki 

Aged Lamb Cutlets with Greek Seasoning

Marinated lemon Chicken Wings

Pork Loukanika (sausages)

Lamb & Chicken yiros meat on Spit


BBQ Marinated Flat Quail


BBQ Flat Quail with a Honey & Fig Dressing


Chargrilled Lemon Pepper Calamari


Cherry Tomato & Kefalograviera with Basil Oil Souvlaki









Stand up Service or Sharing Plates

Zucchini Balls with Minted Yogurt Dressing

Lemon & Herb Mini Chicken Souvlaki

Greek Salad, Feta & Balsamic Glaze Mini Souvlaki


Greek Salad, Feta & Balsamic Glaze cups

Chargrilled Calamari Mini Souvlaki

Marinated Capsicum & Feta on Char grilled Bread


Baked Goats Cheese and Honey on Char grilled Bread

Chargrilled Prawn Mini Souvlaki

Prawn Saganaki with Feta on Mini Souvlaki


Marinated Lime & Coriander Prawn Souvlaki

Vegetarian Dolmathes

Mini Cheese & Spinach Tiropitakia

Lamb Keftethes (meatballs)


Chargrilled Quail Breast with Lemon & Herbs Mini Souvlaki 


Chargrilled Scallop Mini Souvlaki


Goats' Cheese & Honey Mini Tarts


Rizzogalo (Greek Rice Pudding) Shots








Mini Baklava


Mini Canolli

Yo Yo small


Rizzogaol Greek Vanilla Rice Pudding




Mini Strawberry Tarts


Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts









Larger cakes incl. tiramsu, cheese cakes and continental cakes can be orders, just ask our staff..





Fruit Platters




Seasonal fruit Platters/Souvlaki

Served with Fresh Mint


The Cheese Platters/Boards/Tables

An assortment of Cheeses including Feta, Haloumi and Kaseri, Fig Jam, Crusty Bread, Crackers, Dried Fruit and assorted nuts







“Knowledge is the food of the soul”

Plato 428 – 348BC